In the mean time of technology, teens are facing several problems in their day-to-day life. Some issues are not new, electronic media has changed some of the struggles young people face.

The most common problems teen faced were finding a “caver” and their responsibility towards their “family” but in today’s time teenager faces more issues like, depression, Body image or self-esteem, bullying, cyber addiction, academic problems, alcohol and drugs use, time management, etc

Most common issues that teenager faces

Actually we can’t define the causes of depression in the teenager because every teenager have their own issues because of that they feel depressed but there are some common cause that teenagers felt depressed.

  • Depression- This is the serious mental health problem that affects how teenagers feels, behaves, thinks. Approximately two-third of teens with major depression also battle with another mental disorder like anxiety, antisocial behavior.

Cause of depression

  • Expectations and pressure to do well at school/college from parents and family.
  • Career problems.
  • Economic issues.
  • Self-esteem or body image.
  • Physical or sexual abuse, and so on..

How to fight with depression

  • Set goal- When you feel you are depressed, you feel like you can’t complish anything. That makes you feel very bad . To push back you should set goals and be in daily routine.
  • Eat healthy- There are no magic in your diet that fix depression but when you eat healthy you feel healthy.
  • Try to notice good things- Depression affects a person’s thought, If depression has you noticing only the negative, makes an effort to notice good things in life.
  • Give yourself a break and try new things that makes you happy.
  • Avoid ‘should’ and ‘must’ statements.
  • Encourage yourself – “you can do it”.
  • Spend times with your close ones.
  • Challenge your thoughts.

2 Thoughts on “Problem Faced By Teenagers”

  • My only point is that the teen should not take much tension about the future, just keep doing good deeds, the career chapter will open automatically.

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