School closure have been a very common instrument in the struggle of COVID-19 crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic conduct the complete disconnection of education for the huge majority of the children.

Since School closure has led to huge loss of learning for the poorest section of our country.

Negative impact of COVID-19 on education

Due to suspension of face-to-face instructions by the teacher in the schools during the COVID-19 crisis has led to concern about aftermath for students education and learning.

Some experts says “there is no such loss of learning” and the students have learned a fair deal about life, soul, domestic economy, health and so many things during the crisis that can not be measured by any standard test.

Online learning during the pandemic

online class during pandemic

Many countries even India has promoted online classes and e-connectivity as a solution but the poorest section of our society can not connect in the online classes due to lack of connectivity as well as lack of access to e-devices. Children of the poor who don’t have e-devices. Studying in the government school have been especially disadvantage in this consider.

Mental and emotional wellbeing of children

Major portion of students felt alone and lonely as they were unable to meet their friends and go out, this is the major reasons that mental well being and emotional well being is affected. When children go to school feelings that they feel connected with each other. Due to the school closure the students lost their emotional support, pressure of online learning and restriction on social interaction.

It is clear that the COVID-19 crisis has utterly disrupted the education system. Learning online can be effective in more ways but the poorest section of our society who don’t have connectivity did not get benefit from the online learning. To support the aim to prepare for future economic and educational crisis, country need to build their capacity to provide blended models of education in the future. Using the post-pandemic period to build the education system and make them priority.

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